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For a successful return to your sport our rehabilitation regime will address the specific skills and physical demands of your sport whilst under the guidance of a Chartered Physiotherapist. Injury specific rehabilitation is a fundamental part of the rehabilitation process for all athletes, at all levels.
These 1 hour sports specific exercise sessions are held at The Bridgewater School’s purpose built sports facility in Worsley on a Tuesday evening between 7-8pm.

What is the aim of Sports Specific Rehabilitation?

Our aim is to return individuals to sport in the optimum physical condition following injury or surgical intervention.
The injured area and repaired tissues must be sport specifically “stress adapted” to prevent re-injury.
The benefits of Sport Specific Rehabilitation are achieved by the individual participating in specially designed sport specific rehabilitation drills.
These drills are controlled and progressed to mimic the movement patterns and recreate the stresses applied in an individual’s sport.

Sports Specific Rehabilitation will endeavour to:

  • Improve sports specific flexibility
  • Increase muscle strength, endurance and speed
  • Develop Sports Specific skill demands
  • Improve proprioception and balance
  • Prevent re-injury

Sports Specific Rehabilitation Team

The classes are run by Rehabilitation Specialists who have considerable experience in the rehabilitation of athletes from all levels including professional and international athletes. The classes are open to all ages as they are run on a strictly non-contact basis enabling sportsmen and women of all ages and all levels to rehabilitate their specific injuries safely together. Sid liaises closely with all the physiotherapists working across our two clinics to ensure that your treating physiotherapist can pass on all your relevant injury and medical history with your specific rehabilitation aims and goals.

For more information please ask a member of staff