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When returning to sport or physical activities following injury it is paramount that your rehabilitation does not stop when your physiotherapist is no longer treating you. All injuries require a period of strength and conditioning before they return to sport or to a specific exercise regime.

This service provides our patients with one-to-one individual gym-based rehabilitation so they can safely and confidently return to a gym environment to continue their rehabilitation. Our gym-based rehabilitation is under the guidance and supervision of a chartered physiotherapist with extensive experience in the rehabilitation of all musculoskeletal conditions. The sessions are 45 minutes and will involve a cardiovascular warm-up and cool-down with an individually tailored injury specific exercise protocol that can be utilised in all gym environments.

Aims of Gym Rehabilitation

Our aim is to assist all our patients safely through their specific injury’s “re-modelling phase” when their soft tissues that were initially damaged are still returning to a pre-injury status. Gym-based Rehabilitation will help you achieve a level of fitness to improve your injury and hopefully improve your overall soft tissue strength and stability around the injury site in order to prevent further re-occurrences.

Gym-Based Rehabilitation helps to:

  • Increase muscle strength
  • Increase endurance and power
  • Develop core stability
  • Improve balance and proprioception
  • Prevent re-injury

Gym-Based Rehabilitation and Returning to Sport

For a successful return to sport the soft tissue strength around an injury site requires particular stresses that are specific to your sport. Our Gym-based Rehabilitation protocols will enable you to progress safely through the re-modelling phase and return to sport a stronger athlete.

For further information please ask a member of staff for an information leaflet.